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How to Relight the Pilot Light on Your Furnace

How to Relight the Pilot Light on Your Furnace

When your furnace doesn't operate properly in the winter, you may assume that it has a major issue. But sometimes, the problem is as simple as a pilot light that has gone out. The pilot light is a small flame that typically stays on all the time to ignite the burners when your thermostat calls for heat. This tiny flame works with the thermocouple to make sure fuel is only released and burned when it is needed. The thermocouple works as a safety measure by opening the valves for your propane or heating fuel when it has been heated to the correct temperature by the pilot light. That means that when your pilot light goes out, your furnace will not release and ignite the fuel. While this prevents the furnace from malfunctioning and releasing fumes into your home, it will also prevent your furnace from starting. If your pilot light goes out, you will need to relight it. Here's what you'll need to do.

Locating the Pilot Light

  1. Check inside the door or on the side of the furnace for instructions. If the label is missing or unreadable, you may need to locate the pilot light and relight it on your own.
  2. Look near the burners for the pilot light box. Check that the pilot light is out to determine if it is the cause of your furnace problems.

Prepare to Relight the Pilot Light

  1. Turn the thermostat to your furnace to a setting that will require heat. 
  2. Check that your furnace is in heat mode.

Resetting the Pilot Light

  1. Locate the knob to turn the pilot light off and on.
  2. Turn the knob to the off position.
  3. Wait at least 3 minutes before trying to relight the pilot light. This allows any gas or fuel to dissipate from the air.
  4. Turn the knob to the pilot position.

If your attempts to relight your pilot light are unsuccessful, it may need to be cleaned, or there may be another problem with your furnace. Contact us at Kimbro Air for assistance right away.

Relighting the Pilot Light

  1. Light a long match or lighter and hold the flame to the pilot light. You can also use a lit piece of spaghetti or a tightly rolled piece of paper if you do not have a long match or lighter.
  2. Press and hold the reset button for your pilot light. This releases fuel so you can relight it.
  3. Hold the button for 30 seconds while the flame is burning. This allows the thermocouple to heat up and get ready to release the fuel.
  4. Release the button. If the pilot light remains lit, turn the knob to the on position.
  5. If the pilot light goes out, wait a few minutes and try again.

If your attempts to relight your pilot light are unsuccessful, it may need to be cleaned, or there may be another problem with your furnace. Contact us at Kimbro Air for assistance right away. We have the expertise and experience to clean and troubleshoot your furnace to get it up and running again. To prevent future issues with your furnace and pilot light, schedule a regular fall maintenance visit before your heating season begins.?We're offering $250 off the purchase of any new HVAC unit. Don't miss out! Contact us